The Shell Seekers (Used Hardcover) - Rosamunde Pilcher

The Shell Seekers (Used Hardcover) - Rosamunde Pilcher

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Condition: This book is in Good Condition. There is some wear and fading on the dust cover. The pages are clean and unmarked.

Set in London and Cornwall from World War II to the present, Rosamunde Pilcher tells the story of the Keeling family, and of the passions and heartbreak that have held them together for three generations. The family centers around Penelope, and it is her love, courage, and sense of values that determine the course of all their lives,

One of Penelope's most treasured possessions is The Shell Seekers, which her father painted and left her as a remembrance and a legacy. It is this painting that symbolizes to Penelope the ties between the generations. It is the link between the past, the present, and the future. But it is the fate of this painting that just may tear the family apart....

Rosamunde Pilcher's writing demonstrates a deep sensitivity to human frailties, desires, and joys. She weaves a story that bursts with emotion, so involving it is impossible to put down. The world she creates and opens up to you becomes a place you feel comfortable, a place you can't wait to return to, a place you will never forget.