The Turkey Shack: A Journey to Love (Used Book) - Dave Snyder

The Turkey Shack: A Journey to Love (Used Book) - Dave Snyder

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Author's Preface:

I'm a guy who wears Carhartt jeans, with pliers in the pocket. I also was the CEO of a $65 million agribusiness and the Executive Director of a $100 million-plus science research laboratory during its startup. Along the way I had spiritual experiences that mystified me. I didn't shave my head, don robes or join an ashram. My life continued, but it was changed.

In 2010, I created Pathways Spiritual Sanctuary on my ranch in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Based on my history, you might think I'm an unlikely person to create a spiritual sanctuary, so let me tell you up front what I am not. I am not a guru. I am not a psychologist, philosopher, theologian or a person with a degree in any field that would seem relevant to spirituality. I do have bachelor's and master's degrees, but in agricultural economics. I remain the guy in Carhartts, a Nebraska farm kid, who happened to have some extraordinary experiences that allowed me to see a new world of love, compassion, tolerance and forgiveness.

This book is the story of that journey--a story that begins in a tin shed called the Turkey Shack