The Wooden Indian Resurrection - Trish Hermanson

The Wooden Indian Resurrection - Trish Hermanson

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A CAPTIVATING TALE OF FIRST LOVE, BETRAYAL, AND SECOND CHANCES THAT "STAYS WITH YOU LONG AFTER YOU TURN THE LAST PAGE." (Cindy Myers, The View from Here). Three girlfriends, one betrayal, three decades of bitterness, and one showdown that changes everything in this resurrection of a beaten-down woman who discovers "that we must face - not run from - our deepest fears." Jean Snedegar, BBC Radio and West Virginia Public Broadcasting.

Deborah, a modern Native American, is as dead as the wooden Indian she impersonates at work. She festers with bitterness from a stab-in-the-back by white high school girlfriends that led to her arrest and exile, and the shattering of her romance with a white boy she secretly planned to marry. Years pass, and Deborah's former girlfriends discover her and mysteriously beg for help. No way will she help them, but if she confronts them, will she finally be free from her past? And after wasting her life, is it too late to become who she's meant to be?

Deborah's search for wholeness is a journey of coming of age in middle age, of realizing she can love passionately again. Her redemptive path leads to a thrilling ending that leaves readers with the hope that their lives, too, can be transformed.

The manuscript won awards from Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers and Pikes Peak Writers and is perfect for readers of Jamie Ford, Sue Monk Kidd, and William Kent Krueger. Amazon categories: women's fiction, historical fiction, inspirational fiction, literary fiction, and wholesome romance.

"The story captured me so I could hardly wait to read another chapter." Vickie Brennan Dykes, Akta Lakota Museum, Chamberlain, South Dakota

"Just as the wounding of one affects us all, so does the healing of one. That's a story we need to hear." Patrick Dorn, Denver arts critic, playwright, and author

"A compelling and relatable tale. Teenagers who are struggling with their sense of self will identify with Deborah as a school girl, and adults in middle age who are evaluating the course of their lives will find solace in Deborah's resurrection." Argus Leader

"An epic drama set within themes that make Dakota 'Dakota.' A delicious read." Thomas A. Dempster, former South Dakota State Senator

"This story of a woman's journey to confront her past and heal old wounds will resonate with readers and have you cheering for Deborah Running Bear." Cindy Myers, The View from Here