Tsunami (Used Book) - L.T. Ryan

Tsunami (Used Book) - L.T. Ryan

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Hatch seeks closure to her past
For the woman who walked through fire
Redemption comes at a price
For Hatch, that could mean her life.

Hatch looks to heal the invisible wound beneath the twisted scar stretching her right arm. A moment's hesitation on a sand-swept battlefield left her friend and teammate Graham Benson dead. His death leaves a wife without a husband and a child without a father. Hatch sets out to face her greatest fear. Her past.

Hatch finds Benson's widow Jessica and her daughter Layla living in a small coastal town in Oregon. When she arrives, Hatch discovers the family in dire straits. Her bank accounts had been cleaned out by her brother, a low-end criminal who'd found himself in deep with the wrong people. He stole the money with promises of returning it after a big score.

An offshore nuclear plant comes under siege. And Hatch, honoring her code, sets out to right a wrong while redeeming her past. As the waters rise, so do the stakes. Hatch is a force of nature. And she's about to hit like a Tsunami!