Tumbling River Range, Fight for Powder Valley - W.C Tuttle, Peter Field (Set of 2, Vintage, 1944, 1947, 1st Edition)

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Set of 2 vintage books from 1944 and 1947, 1st Edition.

On a weather-beaten stretch of the Kansas prairie, a family fights to survive. Molly Hartsell is only twenty-seven, but years of barely scraping by have made her old before her time. Her children are frail, tired, and hungry. If something doesn’t change soon, the Hartsells are doomed. But Molly’s husband returns from the bank with good news: He sold the farm and invested every penny in property far away in Colorado’s lush Powder Valley. It’s a new start for the Hartsells, but it turns out their troubles are just beginning.

When the Hartsells arrive in Powder Valley and discover they were sold a bill of false goods, it seems as if the family is ruined. But Sherriff Pat Stevens—with the help of his loyal friends Sam and Ezra—will fight tooth and nail to defeat the crooked swindlers and make sure everyone in town can call Powder Valley their home.

Condition: Used books in acceptable condition. Some tears on dust jacket.