Vintage Japanese Tourist Industry (Used  Book)

Vintage Japanese Tourist Industry (Used Book)

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Board of Tourist Industry, Japanese Government Railways.

Copyright 1940

It is a common desire among tourists to learn something of the culture of the countries they visit, as well as to see their beautiful scenery. To see is naturally easier than to learn, but flying visits merely for sightseeing furnish neither the time nor opportunity for more than a passing acquaintance with the culture of any foreign people. This is specially true of Japan and her people.

The board of tourist industry recognizes both the obligation and the difficulty of providing tourists with accurate information regarding the various phases of Japan’s culture. It is therefore endeavoring to meet this obligation, as far as possible, by publishing this series of brochures. The present series, when completed, consist of more than 100 volumes, each dealing with a different subject, but all coordinated. By studying the entire series, the foreign student of Japan will gain an adequate knowledge of the unique culture that has evolved in this country through the ages. For those who wish to follow up these studies with a closer investigation of more every date works, we sometimes offend bibliographies which you can recommend as authoritative guides for study.

Books have to be seen in person to get the full effect. Most are wrapped in delicate rice paper. Too many titles to list.